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EFCC Vows to Recover Abacha Loot From HSBC

EFCC Vows to Recover Abacha Loot From HSBC

Itohan Ferguson

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) has vowed to recover Abacha’s loot from HSBC Bank. They made this known on their Instagram page, on the 18th of September 2018.

According to EFCC, HSBC Bank plc is a name synonymous with money laundering all over the world. The crimes commission also affirmed that the bank had paid billions of dollars in fines worldwide.

The crime-fighting unit affirmed that HSBC bank had laundered money for the former Nigerian Head of State, Abacha and over 50 fraudulent Nigerians. It also alleged that it is currently laundering the proceeds of stolen money from a serving senator.

However, the serving senator EFCC was alluding to, was not disclosed. The Financial Crimes Commission also said that it will not relent until all of Abacha’s loot has been repatriated.

The monies recovered so far, from the Abacha loot are $12 million in HSBC Fund Admin Ltd with account number S-104460 in Jersey; $20 million in HSBC Life (Europe) with account number 37060762 in U.K and $1. 6 million in HSBC Bank plc with account number 38175076 in U. K.

The financial crimes unit left a statement on their social media page, see below: