Is Linda Ikeji Absent Baby Daddy the Wave of New Age Feminism?

Is Linda Ikeji Absent Baby Daddy the Wave of New Age Feminism?

Itohan Ferguson

Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji has been drowning in felicitations from yesterday. This is because she just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, in the United States of America. Linda Ikeji welcomes baby boy.

While the birth of a child is marked by celebration, Linda’s is covered in mystery and scandal. This is because the paternity of her child, Baby J remains a secret. Although there are rumours, albeit unverified that Lagos Big Boy, Sholaye Jeremy is the father, it is not proven.

Notwithstanding the secrecy behind her child’s paternity, controversial Journalist Kemi Olunloyo (Madam KOO) have made shocking revelations about Linda’s son. According to her, Linda is incapable of having children because she has no womb. She went further to reveal that the billionaire blogger bought her son off the black market. Read the full story here.

Amidst the uproar about Linda Ikeji’s journey to motherhood, is a pertinent question about the place of Feminism in Nigeria.

Recall that the celebrity blogger is a strong advocate of feminism and female independence. Her popular mantra ‘I would rather be self-made’ is an indication.

As if to make her stance clear, Linda has keenly dragged unwed mothers on her blog. Thus to turn around and become an unwed mother speaks of a deeper sense of hypocrisy.

There have been varying reactions to her perceived hypocrisy. While many think she is not a feminist, others think by reducing her Baby Daddy to a silent sperm donor is a testament to the new age of feminism.

New age feminism seeks to create a world that invalidates the role of the man in the family unit. Men become reduced to just silent sperm donors and absentee fathers.

What does Linda’s status as a single mother mean for New Age feminism?

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