Strange Happenings in Lagos: Another P*nis Goes Missing

Strange Happenings in Lagos: Another P*nis Goes Missing

Itohan Ferguson

In a wave of worrying events, p*nises are going missing in Lagos state. Many attribute these strange happenings in Lagos to the ’ember month’ and the 2019 general elections’. Recall that days ago Happenings reported a p*nis that disappeared in Lagos.

According to the first story, a security guard lost his manhood, after taking money from a politician.  Read Story Here

Sadly the victim was unable to apprehend the politician who allegedly robbed him of his manhood. As the culprit made a hasty exit accompanied by gunshots.

There is another report of a P*nis that went missing yesterday, in Lagos.  An Instagram user narrated how the Pen*is of a bike rider disappeared after a strange man touched him.

Consequently, the victim raised an alarm and the man who touched him was immediately arrested. Thus, there is a need for men to stay careful, as the ’ember months’ and the 2019 election draws closer.

In time past, there have also been instances where a man’s p*nis disappears when a stranger touches him. Clearly, this is another kind of ritual that deals in human body parts.

Have you witnessed such strange Happenings in Lagos?

See video of the strange incidence, which occurred yesterday in Lagos.

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