How to exercise your brain and improve your memory

How to exercise your brain and improve your memory


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Your brain  needs  stimulation  to  stay in peak  shape, the body  isn’t  the only  thing  that needs  a workout.
A  strong  memory  depends  on  the  health and vitality of your brain, while we are always using our brains we  are  not necessarily doing much to keep them in good shape.
Read  the  top  tips  for  improving  your  memory
When  you  exercise the body ,you exercise  the brain, treating your body  well  can  enhance  your  ability  to process  and  recall  information.
Physical exercise increases  oxygen to your brain and reduces the risk for disorder, exercise  may  also  enhance the effects of helpful  brain  chemicals and protect  brain cells.
* Meditate
Nothing  kills  your ability to use your brain effectively, as well as your brain’s overall health, like too  much  stress.  What’s a great way to reduce  your stress level.
* Improve your memory by sleeping on it
When  you  don’t sleep  well , your brain  can’t operate at  full capacity, creativity, problem solving  abilities and critical thinking skills  are  compromised.
Whether you’re  studying, working  or  trying to juggle life’s many demands, sleep  deprivation is a  recipe for disaster
* Keep stress in check
Stress  is one of the  brain’s  worst enemy, over time,if left unchecked, chronic stress destroys brain cells and damages the hippocampus, the region  of the  brain  involved in the formation of new memories  and retrieval of  old ones.
* Write down things more often
We  love  our keyboards, they’re much more efficient at getting words on the page than your hand,a pencil, and a notebook nonetheless  you can learn more efficiently by writing longhand and so you may want to  ditch the  laptop when  you’re  acquiring new knowledge.
This  happens  because your brain’s  filtering system  (reticular activity system) processes  what you’re  actively focusing on at the  moment.
*Act like you’re teaching
You can utilize the skills you  already  have more efficiently by acting  like you’re teaching. Rather  than  just recalling  the steps needing  to complete the  task at hand.
Pretend  as  though you’re  teaching yourself how to do it,this will help you recall the necessary information better and avoid making stupid mistake.
* Tell yourself stories
Story telling can be a good way to exercise your brain. First of all, it makes things  easier  to remember because it puts what you want to remember in a more  compelling  framework.
 It gives you a chance to focus on important details and associate emotion with what you’re trying to remember.
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