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Baby Daddy Not Bank

Itohan Ferguson

As a result of the ongoing drama with Wizkid and his baby mamas. Coupled with the revelation of Linda Ikeji’s Baby Daddy’s identity Full story here 

Hence, the place of Baby Daddies is under close scrutiny. Not many pay attention to the plights of baby daddies.

What emotional, financial and mental strain does a baby daddy experience at the birth of a child?

It is the usual thing to document the plight of a Baby Mama and applaud her courage for having a child outside of marriage.

When Sola Ogudugu in a bid to expose Wizkid as a negligent father, exposed private chats between them, one thing was clear from the messages.

It is a common thing to equate Baby Daddy to a bank. From the messages, Shola thought she was entitled to Wizkid’s money.

Apart from taking care of their son, she expected him to pay her rent, buy her a car and sponsor her expensive lifestyle.

Thus, this points to the popular belief that a baby daddy is synonymous with a bank.

It also points to the expectation that because you share a child with a man, you automatically become entitled to his money.

A certain lawmaker was in the same baby mama drama. Months ago, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila purchased N75M Gwagon for his wife. His baby mama who bore him a daughter demanded that he buy her a Gwagon as well because they share a child.  Read Full Story Here

Therefore baby daddies are under immense financial strain.  Even though Society is not quick to sympathise, with Baby Daddies. Perhaps because men are less likely to tell their sob stories to the public.

The idea of baby daddies treated as banks is not limited to Nigeria. The same notorious dynamics persist in so-called ‘civilised’ societies.

For example, American Singer, Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia Guzman is taking him to court, because she is demanding the exorbitant price of $20,000 monthly.

In that sum, how much truly goes to the child’s upkeep and how much sponsors her lifestyle.

Women who have no intentions of working to earn a living, deliberately have a child for a wealthy man. This is because they expect financial benefits by having a child.

Undoubtedly, women must do better and realise a Baby Daddy is not a bank.

They must pull their own financial weight in the upkeep of their children.

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