Five Types Of Guys To Never Date

Five Types Of Guys To Never Date

Itohan Ferguson

Love is a beautiful thing and women are constantly on the search for their forever man. However while looking for love, it is important that women are on the lookout for these types of men. Dating men with these behavioural patterns is an emotional disaster.

Here are the five types of guys to never date as a woman:

The Mama’s Boy:  why there is nothing wrong with a man who loves his mother, the mama’s boy’s attachment to his mother is excessive. Clearly, he is yet to sever the proverbial umbilical cord. The biggest pitfall about dating a Mama’s boy is that you will be dating his mother too. Even worse he will always put his mother first, in terms of major decisions concerning you both.

If his mother doesn’t like you, be sure the relationship will not last. It is doubtful any woman would want to marry a man who puts his mother before her and their children.

The Confused Man: the beautiful thing about dating is the feeling that there is a future with your partner. However, with a confused man, you will constantly be on a rollercoaster ride of uncertainties. Not because the confused man is a bad man, but he has no direction in his life. Sadly his lack of direction spills into a relationship with a woman. With this man, a woman will be kept constantly waiting. The confused man will not commit to you but will deceive you into waiting for a commitment which may never happen.

The Playboy: if you are looking to find love, a player is the wrong one to emotionally invest in. It will be like pouring water in a basket because it never leads anywhere. The Playboy never wants anything permanent and will date a girl for temporary benefits. As soon as he has had his fill of any woman, he is gone. Because he is not in for anything lasting, he will always flirt with other women.

For him, it is all about the thrill of the chase, commitment is not exciting to a player. Ladies, it is better to stay single than date a player.

The Narcissist: it is often easy to mistake the Narcissist for the Playboy because both men play games. However, the Narcissist may be a faithful man, but he is a self-centred emotional manipulator.

A man who is narcissistic has a superiority complex and is ego-driven, thus you can do nothing right in his eyes. Dating a man like this will also leave you feeling constantly drained mentally and emotionally.

He is incapable of accepting he is at fault and is master of the blame game. The Narcissist has a limited view of the world and holds on to this view as if his life depends on it. His characteristic selfishness makes it impossible for him to have a sense of boundaries and is usually physically, emotionally and mentally intrusive.

Trying to get him to acknowledge his fault, will end up with him spotlighting your own imperfections in comparison with his. After a while, dating a Narcissistic would either emotionally or psychologically damage a woman, it will change her.

The Hedonist: this kind of man is strictly driven by pleasure and is incapable of dealing with the realities of life. At the first sign of trouble, he is off on a pleasure ride. The hedonist would prefer to have sex or drink, rather than tackle deep issues. It gets infuriating as a woman when your partner doesn’t have your back to tackle real issues. A man like this is flippant and doesn’t take things seriously, for him getting pleasure is the only thing that truly matters. A relationship with a hedonist is recipe for disaster, because you will grow to resent him.

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