Osun Rerun: Violence Erupts at the Polls

Osun Rerun: Violence Erupts at the Polls

Itohan Ferguson

According to reports, violence erupted at some polling units in Oshogbo. It is alleged that thugs in the state were preventing citizens from exercising their fundamental human right to vote. They were told ‘they would regret it’ if they dared cast their votes.

Many residents of Osun state, said that they could not sleep in their homes, the night before, as a result of the current security threat.

Several voters in Osogbo fled polling youths, as gunshots were fired in the air.

Before violence erupted, it is alleged that the police arrested three men with charms and banned substances. These men were attempting to disrupt the electoral process.

Furthermore, there are reports that another Osogbo resident was teargassed because he was taking pictures from the balcony of his home.

However, security operatives have been able to restore a modicum of peace.

INEC also left a commentary on the matter, on their official Twitter page.


With so much hanging in the balance, between the two major parties,  PDP and APC, the allegations of malpractices are rife.

Senator Ademola Adeleke, who is the Governorship candidate for PDP has described Osun Rerun as a ‘Coup’.

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