“Look Where He Is Now” – Diego Costa Takes A Dig At Conte

“Look Where He Is Now” – Diego Costa Takes A Dig At Conte

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Former Chelsea striker Diego Costa has spoken about his move away from Chelsea, stating that joining the Blues was a mistake.

Costa moved back to Atletico Madrid in January after he had a fall out with his manager then, Antonio Conte.

The Former Blues boss began to have issues with the striker after he was linked with a move to China. Both parties patched up their grievances through the season as Chelsea won the league.

But at the end of the season, the Italian tested Costa he won’t need him for the next season.

Costa rejoined the team where he made his name and is enjoying his football again.

“It was a very bad moment, but it wasn’t my fault. People said things, but time puts everything in its place; look where the coach is, look at Conte.”

“Look Where He Is Now” – Diego Costa Takes A Dig At Conte

“I was wrong going to Chelsea, because of their way of dealing with things. Cholo [Atletico coach Diego Simeone] is a direct coach, and when he doesn’t love you, it’s clear and he shows it.

“At Chelsea it was the opposite. I had the option of returning to Atleti and when Chelsea told me to go back to training with the reserves, I was clear that I was going back to Atletico, even though there were other offers.

“If not, I would’ve stayed in Brazil with my family. I had to live my whole life with my family. I have other values that no money can buy.” the striker told Marca.

“Cholo has always been important, because of the coach and the person he is. I love him as a person.

“He’s always been very direct to deal with. When he told me he wanted me to come back, it was like I’d never left.

“Here I have everything; a very big club in a big city and people are more similar to Brazil. Cholo is the boss and I was excited. I was happy to return.”

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