Ronaldo Accused Of Rape By American Model, Denies Allegations

Ronaldo Accused Of Rape By American Model, Denies Allegations

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of rape by a US model named Kathryn Mayorga according to court papers filed in Las Vegas.

The 34-year-old Lady who was an aspiring model back then when she was allegedly assaulted by the superstar football claims she was paid off to keep quiet.

Mayorga said Ronaldo invited her over to his penthouse suite ‘to enjoy the view of the Las Vegas Strip’.

She claims Ronaldo offered her a short and a T-shirt to change in a bathroom after she refused to get into his hot tub because she did not want to ruin her dress.

Then the Portugal captain stepped in as she was changing, exposed himself and asked her to perform a sex act.

She claims Ronaldo then apologized saying “sorry, I’m usually a gentleman”, a statement the Portuguese has refuted.

The documents stated futher:

“The plaintiff [Ms Mayorga] refused and stated she wanted to leave the hotel suite.

“Upon leaving the bathroom, Ronaldo pulled the plaintiff into a bedroom and on to a bed and attempted to engage in sexual intercourse. Plaintiff refused and covered herself in an attempt to prevent sexual penetration.”

According to the filed documents, the Juventus forward went ahead to have sexual relations with her against her will.

The papers claim the footballer confirmed they had sex, albeit consensual.

Ms Mayorga says she reported the incident to police in Las Vegas later that day. And went to hospital where evidence of the alleged rape was documented and photographed.

She hired a lawyer in 2010 and negotiated a £287,000 out – of -court settlement with the player. As part of that deal, Mayorga agreed never to go public with her allegations.

But now she seeks to overturn that settlement, claiming she was “terrified of retaliation from Ronaldo and of being publicly humiliated by being identified as a victim of sexual assault”.

The Lady says she was left traumatised and left with PTSD and “ major depression” by the incident. She has now gone public, in part because of the #MeToo movement in which women have shared their tales of abuse.

Ronaldo has refuted the accusations saying it’s “fake news”.

The former United man uploaded an instagram story saying ‘No, no, no. What they said today? Fake, fake news. The striker says they are trying to be famous using his name.

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