Politicians are Powerless – Ben Murray Bruce

Politicians are Powerless – Ben Murray Bruce

Itohan Ferguson

Popularly known as the common sense senator, Senator Ben Murray Bruce in a tweet, practically insinuated that politicians are powerless.

In the same tweet, he said that President Buhari is not the most powerful Nigerian, although he held the highest office in the land.

Furthermore, he compared the power of President Buhari and Billionaire businessman Aliko Dangote. According to him, Dangote was more powerful and influential than Buhari.

As expected his tweet is causing quite an uproar on social media. While many agree with him, others don’t. According to those who disagree with him, political office is the only source of true power in Nigeria.

Recall that Senator Ben Murray Bruce is a Senator representing Bayelsa East constituency.

However in an unexpected move, he has chosen to withdraw from the political race. Thereby ending his quest to stay in the red chamber.

See tweet below:


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