The ‘Herd Mentality’ Is Ambode’s Political Undoing

The ‘Herd Mentality’ Is Ambode’s Political Undoing

Itohan Ferguson

It is no longer news that the incumbent governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode will not be running for a second term. Read Full Story Here

A reason for his ignominious disgrace and loss to APC’s anointed Sanwo-Olu is not far-fetched. There are speculations that Ambode’s re-election bid was cut short, because of an alleged gang-up in the All Progressive Congress ( APC). This gang-up was allegedly supported by the Jagaban himself, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The Herd Mentality

It is safe to say the ‘Herd Mentality was Ambode’s undoing in the political stratosphere of Lagos. According to behavioural psychology, the ’herd mentality’ or mob mentality shows how people in a group are influenced to make decisions which are more emotional than rational. It refers to the situation of blind followership in a group and the idea of the unbreakable ’cult’.

Human beings are naturally social ’animals’, thus, the mob mentality is an important part of our sociology. i.e. the need to blindly follow a recognised leader.

The ’herd mentality’ is a cultural construct, that fosters slavish followership. From the dawn of time, dictators and rulers alike, have effectively used this tool, to either crush an enemy or support an ideology.

The ’Herd Mentality’ in APC is a reason Ambode was politically humiliated. While a reason for his dethronement in Lagos state was given as ’underperformance’ the truth still stands that he fell out of favour with the powers that be in APC.

Thus like a virus, this supposed ’disfavour’ spread like wildfire corrupting both party and non-party members.

Consequently, party members and Lagosians alike began parroting the mantra of APC leadership.


A deeper investigation will see that this argument holds no water as Nigerian politics in itself is ’underperformance’ personified.

Clearly, other defaulting political leaders are not crucified.

Even those who had benefitted in some way from his administration were not immune to the virus of ’the mob’.

A clear indication is how fast Ambode’s deputy, Idiat Adebule was to dump him.

This was the zenith of his political humiliation; See full story here.

Woe betide he who goes against a revered leader.

Do you agree that the ’herd mentality’ was Ambode’s undoing?

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