Dybala Wants To Be Successor To ‘Immortal’ Messi And Ronaldo

Dybala Wants To Be Successor To ‘Immortal’ Messi And Ronaldo

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Paulo Dybala believes aiming for Ronaldo’s and Messi’s level is impossible but he hopes to be he best amongst humans.

Messi and Ronaldo have been the best players on the planet for over a decade but with both men getting to the latter stages of their careers, Dybala, and a few others have been tipped to replace them.

“Messi and Cristiano are beyond the norm. My objective is to be first among the humans.”

“For that to be the case, Messi and Ronaldo would need to be at the twilight of their careers. But they are still doing extraordinary things,” Dybala said, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Dybala spoke about other players he admires and his dream of becoming the best one day.

“Of the other humans, I like Isco, because he never loses the ball. But Neymar and Mbappé are also excellent players.”

“When I was a child, sitting in front of the campfire, I wished that I could win the Ballon d’Or. If you want to improve, you have to set high targets.”

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