Titi’s Erotic Notes: Weather For Two (18+)

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Weather For Two (18+)

Itohan Ferguson

The patter of the midnight rain was music to Zainab’s ears and solid weight between her legs. The resultant chill, had her snuggling even closer to her husband Alli in the throes of deep sleep.

Zainab suggestively plastered her ample breasts on his back, in a bid to rouse his lustful attentions. Instead Alli grunts and moves away from her, snoring even louder.

She tried one last time to wake him up from sleep, by suggestively whispering sweet nothings in his ear. She softly licks and bites his earlobes, because this was his weakness. This time Alli shrugs her off more forcefully.

Even in sleep, her husband’s rejection is too much to bear.

Sadly, Zainab leaves the bedroom, she makes her way through the dark hallway, shoulders hunched. She felt looked and felt defeated, for the past month, theirs have been a marriage fraught with conflict.

It had been her hope that the frequent visits to the marriage counsellor were yielding results. She loved her husband deeply and the emotional distance between them hurt her.

In her haste to escape her husband’s rejection, Zainab had forgotten to throw a robe over her sheer silky nightwear. However, she was unbothered because it was past midnight and she expected she would be alone downstairs.

Quietly she reached for a bottle of wine and she pours herself a glass, only alcohol could comfort her. Absent-mindedly, Zainab tasted her tears, she did not realise that she had been crying. Tasting her own tears, opened the floodgates of emotions and she cried like the heavens.

The sound of the rain which gave her comfort earlier wailed in sympathy at her plight. Zainab is so engrossed in her grief, that she fails to hear the silent yet heavy footsteps behind her.

“Habibi”, a deep voice softly called. Zainab froze, only one man called her the pet name Habibi and she hated that he saw her in this state. Hopelessly, she tried to regain her composure, but it was too late, Abu had seen her tears already.

Abu was her husband’s younger brother, visiting them from Europe. He was everything Alli was not, soft-spoken, jovial, gentle and sensitive.

Indeed he was a stark contrast to her dark and gloomy husband, sometimes Zainab doubted they were blood brothers.

His voice calling her “Habibi” was her undoing and the restraint she tried so hard to grasp, crumbled.

Zainab was a shattering mass of emotional neglect and need.

Without thought, Abu draws her into a comforting embrace, letting her tears flow freely, soaking his naked chest. Wave after wave of sadness drained her of strength and she leaned heavily into him.

As her emotional storm passes, she becomes more aware of him and the fact her face was on his naked breasts. Unbidden, Zainab took in a deep breath, holding it in until she felt her chest would burst, then she exhales.

The wine and her tears gave her courage and she kissed Abu before she would change her mind. Instinctively he draws himself back and Zainab could feel her heart drop, she could not handle two men rejecting her in one night.

Abu sensed her dejection and moves towards her lips, a comforting kiss to lift her spirit was all he intended.

However there was nothing comforting about the kiss, it was an explosion of buried emotions both did not know was there.

He kissed her and she returned his ardour in equal measure. His hands moved from her back to rest on her waist, Abu pulled her closer, that he may consume all of her.

Zainab moans in encouragement and his hands began to feverishly explore her body. He was like a starving man, with a feast set before him.

Abu’s lips travel to the nape of her neck, burying it with hot kisses, the smoothness of her nightwear, heightened the sexual tension between them.

Hurriedly, Zainab takes off her nightdress, unleashing her big naked breasts and Abu is transfixed at the sight of them. Without further ado, his tongue, latch on to her hardened nipples. He could smell her essence and like a magnet, his hand found its way between her legs.

He withdraws his finger from the folds of her hairy fleshy p*ssy, holding it into the light, he can see her creaminess coating them.

Greedily, he licks her juice from his fingers.

To be Continued…

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