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Importance Of Breast Milk For Your Baby

Importance Of Breast Milk For Your Baby


Ilori Titilayo

Human milk is a complex biological fluid, it contains nutrients in the right proportion for a baby.

Importance Of Breast Milk For Your Baby

It is processed gently through the baby’s digestive system so these important nutrients can protect your child.

At each feeding, your baby only gets a small amount of colostrum, thus matching the amount his or her tiny stomach can hold.

Breast milk includes special factors and hormones, that contribute to the optimal health, growth and development of your baby.

1. Breast milk is easier to digest for most babies especially premature ones, hence it is easier to digest than formula.

Although some busy mothers prefer to give their babies formula such as Sma gold, Cerilac, Nan and so on.

2. Breastfeeding creates a natural bond between a mother and her baby and also comforting skin to skin contact.

This can increase the mother’s oxytocin levels; oxytocin is a hormone that helps milk flow and can calm the mother.

Physical contact is important to newborn whenever you’re breastfeeding.

When your baby keeps looking into your eyes. it makes he or she feel more secure, warm and comfortable.

3. Breast milk fights disease in babies, the cell hormones and antibodies in it protect babies from an illness like sudden infant death, childhood leukaemia, and skin rash. Unlike formula fed babies who end up suffering from diarrhoea, ear infection, obesity, diabetes and also a risk of asthma.

The formula cannot match the chemical makeup of human breast milk.

4. It constitutes a complete food, it has the necessary nutrient to feed a baby properly during the first six months of life

During this time, there is no need to take something else to be well fed because it is very rich in vitamins.

5. It makes babies sleep healthily, some of the many beneficial nutrients in breastmilk includes nucleotides.

These along with other nutrient help regulate sleep pattern in infants.

More nucleotides are found to be present during the night than in the daytime.

6. As the babies grow the breast milk changes, Colostrum changes into what is called mature milk.

Days after birth, this mature milk has the right amount of fat, sugar, water, and protein to help your baby continue to grow.