Table Manners You Must Work On

Table Manners You Must Work On


Ilori Titilayo

Trust me, there are some table manners we practice and are unaware are bad, unless we are told.

These Table Manners are:

1.  Chewing with mouth wide open, this can be quite disgusting. If people wanted to see what was in your mouth, I am sure they wouldn’t be closing their own mouth as they eat.

You probably do this out of habit and you are unaware of how unattractive it is to your fellow diners.

Learn to chew with both your upper and lower lips touching.

2.  chewing your food loudly to the extent that the noise of your mouth can wake a sleeping baby. This is similar to chewing food with your mouth open.

3. You belch at the table, this is totally unacceptable and it could be irritating.

4. You pass gas at the table, oh no! Whether belching or passing gas, letting go of bodily gasses is a big NO.

It is disgusting when at the table and can quickly turn anyone’s stomach.

If you can’t hold it in, excusing yourself is more appropriate than letting it go to the table to ruin everyone’s meal.

5. Reaching over another plate, there is nothing that people hate worse than someone reaching over their plate of food.

To either grab salt, pepper, rolls, or anything else. As this is a sure way to gross them out, not only can things fall off your sleeve, but the items, you grab could go directly into their plate.

6. You place your elbows on the table, keep your elbow off the table, and for good reason.

When you place an elbow on the table, you can quickly and easily knock something off or over.  Or end up pulling the whole tablecloth on as you reach back into your lap.

7. You sneeze or cough out loud over food, this is the best way to spread out germs and nauseate everyone. Airborne germs are bred through sneezes and coughs.

This can land right in food around and get others sick.

8. Picking at food, this is a great way to show someone that you don’t appreciate or like the food.  It is bad table manners.

9. You pick at your teeth with your fingers or with a toothpick in front of others, this is very common.

Some people will even leave toothpicks hanging in their mouths hours after the meal.

10. You speak with your mouth full of food. Nobody enjoys looking across the table at their dining companion during a conversation and seeing a mouthful of food.

There is the risk of food flying out of your mouth into someone’s plate or mouth. There are many other reasons why talking is left to an empty mouth.

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