How A Female Pastor Was Raped During Evangelism

How A Female Pastor Was Raped During Evangelism


Akinyele Sokoya

A female Pastor Joy, of a Pentecostal church, during evangelism, was raped, last week at Ijaiye area of Agbado, Lagos.

According to information, Sister Joy was deceived to a secret place as she preached the gospel to miscreants. Thus, while praying for one of them she was eventually raped.

The shout for help from Pastor Joy, during the rape, attracted people. However, the perpetrator disappeared.

Joy who had already won two souls among the miscreants to God was moved to do more before her ordeal.

The friends of the miscreant promised to bring him to face the wrath of the law if found.

Furthermore, Pastor Joy who is physically blessed with big breast and buttocks was blamed by other believers for allowing herself to get deceived by unbelievers.

The issue of rape is a phenomenon in the Nigerian society, most women have their stories to tell in the hands of a rapist.

The story of Pastor Joy is one out of many women of God who have experienced rape from men of the underworld.

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