Reasons Women Lose Respect For Men

Reasons Women Lose Respect For Men


Ilori Titilayo

When a woman loses respect for her man, she might sooner or later begin to lose attraction and eventually fall out of love with him.

These are a few tips that may pose a big threat to a man and things that can make your woman lose respect for you.

1. Constant Whining

A situation like losing a job, shares, stocks etc, he gets caught up in disagreements with almost everyone.

It is good to talk or share your problems with your woman. When you end up winning unnecessarily, she may begin to get tired of you, the truth is that we all have disappointments, we must learn how to deal with it.

As men learn to deal with problems, don’t let it destroy you by dwelling on it and acting like a victim of life

2. Acting like the boss

We know the man is the head of a relationship, but when he starts to be bossy and treats her like a slave. She will begin to lose respect for him.

A man is expected to assist the woman with in-house chores and not give instructions.

3. Pretending to be what you are not when around other men

Women are always watching to see how much of a man, he truly is while with males.

She watches his mental and emotional strength when he interacts with other men. If at home he is a monster, and before other men, he is a perfect gentleman.

Then you should know that your woman may soon be your ex.

4. Suspecting her every move

Trust is essential in every relationship, problems will emerge when trust dies.

One of the fastest ways to destroy trust in a relationship is to be extra suspicious and overprotective of your woman.

Constant accusations of cheating will lead to hiccups in the relationship.

5. Always letting her win

Some guys might give in to whatever a woman wants for fear of losing her. Although a woman would test you to see how much you can tolerate.

All she wants is reassurance that you are always in charge rather than agreeing to every request.

When he agrees always, she may learn to walk over him.

6. Belittling her in public

When men belittle their women in front of family and friends in a  cruel way. This can harm her confidence, sense of pride and comfort in front of others.

7. Lying

Being able to rely on your faithfulness and integrity is one of the most important factors to a woman in a relationship.

Even if it is a little lie to keep yourself out of trouble, when a woman knows that you’re lying, she will never trust you again.

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