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Ways To Know She is Cheating On You

Ways To Know She is Cheating On You


Ilori Titilayo

No matter how hard we try to prove it, we know there is no perfect relationship or marriage made in heaven.

Women are tempted to cheat or seek for love elsewhere due to different purposes. It could be that the man is not paying attention to her. Or because she feels she could just keep a healthy platonic relationship and along the line he falls in love with her.

Read simple signs that could tell you there is another man making a queen out of your woman.

1. She has a special friend: you must get suspicions when a mysterious friend inches his way into the picture.

He might be someone she calls a co-worker or an old friend and she decides not to share any detail about him. Least of all, introduce you to him or vice versa.

2. She detaches herself from your family: when she begins to make excuses not to attend your family’s functions or be with you and your friends, this sign may be indicative of her remorse.

Which means she feels guilty about the mental anguish she will have to cope with.

3. She avoids simple questions: she avoids simple questions, which means her mind is searching for a lie.

Or if she gets defensive about disclosing information that she used to give out freely, then it is the surest thing that she is cheating on you.

4. Her schedules suddenly change: when there is a hot romance underground, there will be a little shift in her daily priorities, she will avoid Sunday dates, movies or other special things you used to do together.

New arrangements might have been made with the new flame and this will lead to a complete disregard for previous engagements.

5. She nags unnecessarily: there were days when you both used to have a good communication, now anything you say or do pisses her off, and she finds an excuse to ignore you.

Nagging at you helps her eliminate or at least ease her guilt, so when she habitually begins to point at all of your flaws, then you may want to find out what is going on.

6. She feels uncomfortable when you pick her purse or phone: when she starts to feel uneasy when you pick her phone or bag.

Bringing up topics to distract you from the phone, then she might be covering her tracks. Or there is something you need to know about.

7. When she pays attention to her looks all of a sudden: when she begins to dress to attract other men and not her man, then something is fishy.

If she doesn’t care about your dress sense when going out with you, you should know that she has mind elsewhere, so begin to retrace your heart.

8. She passwords her phone: there is no justifiable reason to password her phone when she’s with her husband or boyfriend if she is not hiding things.

why should she have to keep entering a password to check missed calls or text messages?

9. She excitedly tells you how her day went: when your woman has a skeleton tied to her daily routine, she usually develops stories to cover up the gap.

A smart man will begin to see reasons as to why the story begins to get long.

10. She checks on your location always: my brother it is because she doesn’t want to bump into you unexpectedly.

She’s building up her games, so it is ’professional’ you check up her man, but only at times when she wants to level her location.