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Carrick : Jose Mourinho Understands Manchester United History

Carrick : Jose Mourinho Understands Manchester United History

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Michael Carrick has praised Manchester United boss, Jose Mourinho for sticking to the club’s tradition of playing academy graduates.

United have produced some of the finest academy players in the history of the Premier League with the ‘class of 92’ and ‘Bubsy babes’ forming some of United’s most historic teams.

Prior to Mourinho’s appointment as United manager, there were fears the Portuguese wouldn’t stick to the long-standing tradition.

But Carrick has been impressed by the opportunities given to youths the last few years by the Jose.

“He does get the history.

“For the manager to put him [Rashford] in and play him… and Scott [McTominay] last year… and give them games, big games as well.

“The manager has to take a lot of credit for that. That’s the constant challenge though isn’t it? That’s what everyone wants to see, that next one.

Carrick : Jose Mourinho Understands Manchester United History
It’s become increasingly more difficult for young players to move from the academies to the first team but Carrick believes it’s important to keep up with it for the development of English football.

“They say it’s getting harder. But that’s a challenge for us as a club and for English football – you might not get tens and twenties, you might get five or six players – but it’s got to keep happening.”

“At the end of the day the academies are there to produce players and to give kids a chance of getting in first teams. Especially at United; you can’t ignore the history and traditions.

“When people ask me: ‘What’s my role now [at the club]?’ That’s a big part of the club. You can’t just neglect the history of the club and what it stands for. And bringing players through is a huge part of that. It’s always been that one, two, three, four – more players in some eras.

“That’s how it is and that’s how it should be. That’s the people in the academy constantly striving towards that and taking a pride in that. I think credit has to go to the club for Marcus and the amount of games that he has played.

“[But] you’ve got to be good enough. You’re not going to confer and say: ‘Oh, we haven’t had a kid in the first team for six months or a year or whatever. And we need one.’ You have to be good enough. Fortunately we as a club over a long time we have produced players that are good enough, the next crop now, that’s how it is now. Are you good enough?”