Titi’s Erotic Notes: Weather For Two Contd. (18+)

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Weather For Two Contd. (18+)

Itohan Ferguson

Zainab’s mind was far away, she had removed herself from her husband’s disgusting moans as he hammered away at her. While he exerted himself by violently pounding her, Zainab felt nothing. Sex with Alli was to fulfil her conjugal obligations, lest she is accused of failing as a wife.

Although lovemaking between them was not as passionate as what she and Abu shared, she was able to muster a semblance of tolerance for his touch.

While Abu worshipped at her altar, Alli merely used her to satisfy himself.

Alli was not a patient man, he did not believe in kissing and fondling her. He definitely did not believe in eating her p*ssy until she begged. His lovemaking entailed characteristically, sticking his tongue in her mouth, painfully pinching her nipples and then forcefully penetrating her.

Notwithstanding, she adored her husband, their sex life was lousy and because she did not know better, she had endured it for this long.

Just as she waited for Alli to exhaust himself and roll off her, Zainab’s mind travel to her unholy affair with Abu. Thinking about Abu’s hands all over her, made her wet and Alli grunted in satisfaction.

Since the illicit night they shared, Abu had been avoiding her and she dangerously yearned for him.

The night Abu had comforted her was one she would cherish for a long time. The way he had greedily licked her juice off his fingers, before proceeding to eat her out.

That night, he had left her a quivering mass of need that she forgot all decorum and begged him to enter her. He had lifted her high up until he was deeply kissing her wet p*ssy.

His tongue shuttled between suckling her clitoris and orally penetrating the folds of her thick vulva. Then he had placed her on the kitchen counter, firmly holding her as he devoured her essence.

Zainab remembered shamelessly begging him to put her out of her lusty misery.

In response, Abu left his ministrations on her clitoris and kissed her, the taste of him and her on her lips, pushed her over the edge. He moved from her lips to her breasts, flicking his tongue over each nipple.

Whilst his fingers did what she wanted his thick phallus to do; in went one finger and then another. Her first glimpse of his swollen erect member was her undoing and she renewed her pleas for him to take her.

Abu teased the entrance of her womanhood, with the thick head of his d*ck. Then proceeded to enter her slowly-inch by delicious inch.

Alli’s noisy climax brings her back to earth and he rolls off her panting. In a short while, he is snoring away in reckless abandon.

Zainab slowly gets out of bed naked, with her husband still flowing from her body, she walks to Abu’s room.

To continued…

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