Late Hauwa Liman
Late Hauwa Liman

Why Boko Haram Executed Hauwa Liman an Aid Worker and Leah Sharibu’s Fate

Itohan Ferguson

Nigeria at the moment is outraged, because an aid worker of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), was executed.

The Cable reports that the slain aid worker in question is Hauwa Liman.

According to the grizzly details of her execution, Hauwa Liman was bound and shot dead at close range.

The Islamic West African Province (ISWAP), a faction of Boko Haram is taking credit for the execution.

Furthermore, ISWAP revealed what would befall Leah Sharibu, a Dapichi girl still in captivity. According to them, Leah Sharibu will become a Boko Haram slave.

However, not many are privy to the reason why Hauwa Liman was senselessly executed. She is the second aid worker Boko Haram has executed.

In September 2018, ISWAP publicly executed Saifura Ahmed, another aid worker. Saifura Ahmed and Hauwa Liman were two of the three humanitarian workers abducted in March 2018.

According to reports, Boko Haram insurgents, gave the Federal Government over one week to save Liman from execution.

Consequently, ISWAP executed Hauwa Liman and Saifura Ahmed, for being ‘Murtads’ (Apostates).

The terrorist group said that the duo had committed the ultimate abomination by working for the Red Cross. Thus they had renounced their Muslim faith by consorting with the international humanitarian movement.

In addition, Boko Haram said Leah Sharibu will be a slave because she had refused to denounce her Christian faith. They said that according to their laws, they are free to do with 15-year-old Leah whatever they please.

The insurgent group also mentioned that a UNICEF worker, Alice Ngaddah will suffer Leah Sharibu’s fate as well.

Recall that Leah Sharibu was the only Christian among the 110 girls abducted at the Government Girls’ Science and Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe state, on February 19, 2018.

Since then there has been a nationwide clamour for her rescue by the Federal Government.

Read ISWAP’s Statement about the Execution:

“We have kept our word exactly as we said, by killing another humanitarian worker. Hauwa Leman, who is working with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

“That were abducted during a raid on a military facility in Rann, Kala Balge in March 2018.

“Saifura and Hauwa were killed because they are considered as Murtads (apostates) by the group because they were once Muslims that have abandoned Islam, the moment they chose to work with the Red Cross, and for us, there is no difference between Red Cross and UNICEF.

“If we see them, we will kill the apostates among them, men or women, and chose to kill or keep the infidels as slaves, men or women.”

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