Man Confesses to Sleeping With Mad Woman For Wealth

Man Confesses to Sleeping With Mad Woman For Wealth



Sleeping with lunatics to get rich is no doubt a wave in the Country, as an average man known as Tobi has confessed to the crime at Daleko area of Lagos.

Tobi, a cyber fraudster ”Yahoo Yahoo” took time out on his bended knees to get down with a mad woman.

It does not end there, he took to the street telling people he slept with a mad woman for fortune.

We gathered that Tobi did that on the instructions of a herbalist who he contacted to enhance his fortune.

Before now, Tobi was described as a successful cyber fraudster, who has invested in a hotel and living large.

He also spends heavily on women of different sizes and height.

Tobi resulted into this new trend in order to enhance his fortune.

Another scenario presented itself, as a lady was readily having sex with a mad in public for reason best known to her.

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