Ooni of Ife and New Christian Bride: Can Christianity and Ancestral Worship Co-Exist? (Opinion)

Ooni of Ife and New Christian Bride: Can Christianity and Ancestral Worship Co-Exist? (Opinion)

Itohan Ferguson

At the moment, terrestrial and online media is abuzz with news of the Ooni of Ife’s secret marriage to a new bride. Read Full Story Here

A major reason this marriage of the Ooni to his new bride is controversial is that she is a Christian Prophetess/Evangelist.

Thus asking a pertinent question, can Christianity and traditional worship co-exist?

Undoubtedly the monarch who seats on a traditional throne, observes several traditional rites and rituals. Hence his marriage to a devout Christian evangelist/prophetess is raising eyebrows.

Furthermore, she is not just a prophetess/evangelist, she is also the founder and President of En-Heralds, an interdenominal ministry based in Akure, Ondo state.

As the queen of a traditional throne, she will undoubtedly be part of the traditional rituals of her people.

Consequently, she is towing a rather delicate line as a Christian and a traditionalist. In a fundamentally intolerant country like Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country where its citizens are quick to frown against the old ways of African traditional beliefs. Labelling it idol worshipping, thusly you are either Muslim or Christian.

Any other religion is ‘devilish’ or ‘demonic’.

A source close to the palace alleged that her Christian religious inclination is a causing concern in the palace. See here

Many wonder at what this latest development will mean to the New Olori’s ministry and the beliefs of the Ife people.

The viral photo of the new Olori performing some rituals is currently sparking controversy. The Olori was walking in blood (not human) as a part of an ancient ritual of peace.

Before she would be allowed into the palace, she must first walk in blood (not human). If for a moment the religious bigotry in Nigeria is set aside, religious co-existence is possible.

A lesson the powerful monarch is inadvertently teaching not just his people but Nigerians at large.

No religion is superior to another and none is ‘bad’. At the root of the religion of the world is a belief in a superior being.

Hence why should the choice of worship of this superior entity be a problem?


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