How To Grow Your Eyelashes Naturally

How To Grow Your Eyelashes Naturally


Ilori Titilayo

Artificial eyelashes can make your eyes stand out, and it can also ruin your natural lashes.

The best thing is to work on making your natural lashes long, full and thick so that your eyes are noticed with or without eye makeup

There are several cheap methods for enhancing eyelash growth, the methods are quick and simple and it’s likely you have all you need in your kitchen or medicine cabinet.

Step 1: You can apply castor oil or olive oil to your eyelashes before bed, use a clean mascara brush to apply the oil as if it were mascara.

If you don’t have a mascara brush, rub the oil between your finger and thumb and apply. Don’t let the oil get

inside your eyes, if you did by mistake get some water to rinse them thoroughly.

Make sure you remove oil first thing in the morning with a gentle soap and water

or with makeup remover, not removing the oil may attract dirt or dust.

Step 2: Petroleum jelly is also good for your eyelashes, wash off any mascara or eyeliner before you apply it.

And use a clean mascara brush to put the petroleum jelly on, or use the finger method.

Leave the petroleum jelly on overnight, wash it off first thing in the morning using a mild soap and water.

Step 3: You can mix glycerin or an egg white with castor oil, this will strengthen and lengthen your lashes.

You need a small amount of egg or glycerin such as two drops from an eye

dropper mixed into 1/2 teaspoon of oil, to coat your mascara brush or fingers a couple of times.

Step 4: minimax the use of artificial lashes, use mascara and eyeliners less frequently this is one of the most effective lash care techniques.

Step 5: Cure dandruff on your hair, conditions that lead to dandruff have a bad effect on your eyelashes too

Manage your stress and avoid unhealthy eating habit. Both can trigger dandruff and weaken hair health.

Step 6:  Eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet, make sure you get plenty of protein-rich foods with Vitamin A, C

and E like orange and yellow vegetables, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Eat whole grains, inositol and B vitamins, ensure you get minerals and essential fatty acids. Eat enough green

peppers for boron, also dairy products for calcium and iodine, lean red meats for iron,

chickpeas, green veggies for manganese, bran and broccoli for selenium, whole grains for silica, legumes,

and nuts for sulfur, whole grains for zinc. And don’t forget salmon or take fish oil to get your omega 3 fatty acids.

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