Titi’s Erotic Notes: Weather For Two (Chapter 3) 18+

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Weather For Two (Chapter 3) 18+

Itohan Ferguson

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Weather for Two (Chapter 3)

Abu heard the slight timid knock on his bedroom door . The knock was quiet although persistent. Clearly whoever was on the other side was not going anywhere.

Without opening the door, Abu suspected who it was on the other side. For weeks he religiously avoided Zainab, unwittingly he coveted his brother’s wife.

Try as he might, he could not forget how good her naked  flesh felt against his. Neither could he forget the softness of her succulent skin.

Abu heaved a sigh of fear, laced with anticipation as he walked towards his door. However, his loins had begun to stir involuntarily at the inevitability of what was to come.

Futilely he adjusted his pyjama bottom, in a bid to hide his growing erection.

There she stood before him, naked and so beautiful, the sight of her took his breath away.

”Habibi”, Abu whispers, his eyes taking in the seductive vision before him, her dishevelled hair and swollen lips. Without being told, he knew his brother, Alli has had her.

The thought that she had come to him straight from her matrimonial bed, fuelled his lust. Until it was roaring in his ears, feverishly he reached for her.

Willingly Zainab steps into Abu’s comforting embrace, although her head is bent in humility.

Lovingingly, he lifts her head and bends to kiss her, as their lips meet, she melts into him. He carries her into his room and gently places her on the bed, not breaking their kiss.

He could feel her sense of urgency, he flips her on her face and raises her buttocks to meet him. Without further ado, Abu impales with his rock solid c*ck.

Oh how good Zainab felt, she was dripping wet and her walls gripped his shaft tightly. Slowly he began to move and he buried himself deeper with each thrust.

She ached her back deeply, to fearlessly meet his thrusts, she took all if him and wanted more.

Over and over, Zainab moaned his name as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. His hands powerfully gripped her hips, so she would not escape him.

They both stood on the precipice, waiting to crash and they hear an urgent knock on the door.

It was Alli.

To be continued…
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