How To  Survive A Public Toilet Visit

How To  Survive A Public Toilet Visit


Ilori Titilayo

To many, the public toilet is a disgusting place to be. However when you are pressed and nature calls, there is no choice than to run into one.

As bad as a public toilet is, it still gives the relief you desperately need. Although we all know, public toilets are full of germs and bacteria.
So you have to take full precautions.
Here are useful tips to remember the next time you visit a public toilet.
1. One of the worst situations anyone can imagine when dealing with a public toilet is being stuck without a handy roll of toilet paper.
Most times, you would have to finish before checking for toilet paper to clean up. So it’s better you always keep tissue paper handy all the time.
2. Don’t sit: those public toilet seats are full of germs and harmful bacteria left by the previous occupant.
Use multiple seat covers to protect yourself. Cover the seat with multiple toilet paper for protection
3. Avoid flushing with your bare hands, this may sound funny but if you can’t cover the flusher handle with a tissue before flushing. Even better you flush with your foot instead of your hand.
If the flusher is not working, you will be forced to use the ibile method, carrying a bucket of water and flushing yourself.
Make sure you wash your hands because most of the buckets are always very dirty.
4. Before use,  drop a layer of toilet paper, there is nothing like a cold splash on your exposed buttock as you sit or hovering in terror over a public toilet.
Remember your vagina and anus are exposed to germs and you don’t want the splashes going straight into them.
5. Wash your hand thoroughly, the best way to fight bacteria and avoid catching some type of sickness or disease is to thoroughly wash your hands.
Use soap, and hot water if it’s available. Scrub well and cover both sides of your hands and all the way up to your wrists.
Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds, but to be safe, repeat the process a second time for another 30 seconds.
Remember it is a public toilet, it could be a toilet of an eatery or the general toilet we see everywhere.
Don’t be deceived, a public toilet is a public toilet, it’s not your private toilet.
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