35-Year-Old Man Who Raped 3-Year-Old Girl In Police Net

35-Year-Old Man Who Raped 3-Year-Old Girl In Police Net



A 35-year-old man, Ayegunle Adekunle who raped a 3 years old minor has been nabbed by the police.

The ugly incident occurred at Oremeji, Ori Oke Okuta, Ota in Ogun State penultimate week.

Adekunle, who is a neighbour of the victim’s parents perpetrated the act while the parents of the young girl were not at home.

The mother of the minor girl noticed a blood stain on the underwear of her daughter and after interrogation, the girl was able to explain what transpired between her and Adekunle.

At this point, the minor’s mother called the attention of other neighbours who asked Adekunle questions about his wicked act.

However, his defence was that it was the devil that pushed him as he was apologetic to the parents.

The case was later reported at the Police Station and the rapist was quickly arrested.

The 3 years old girl was taken to hospital where it was confirmed that she was deflowered.

She was also treated for unforeseen diseases that might be passed on to her through the rape.

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