Pochettino Has ‘Worst Feeling’ Despite Spurs Best Premier League Start

Pochettino Has ‘Worst Feeling’ Despite Spurs Best Premier League Start

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Mauricio Pochettino says he is having his ‘worst feeling’ as Tottenham boss since he became the club’s manager in 2014.

Although Spurs have had their best start ever to a League season, Pochettino says he felt better in previous years.

The 46-year-old wants the club to shift their focus to winning titles.

Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of their game against Manchester City, the Argentine said:

“Like a team, we still didn’t win nothing and we fail, but we achieve. Like a final game we always fail,” he said.

“It’s about to learn to compete, it’s about to learn to be better, to change something that maybe we need to do different, or maybe we are never going to learn because we have some quality but we cannot cross this level.

“I prefer to think we have more [to give] and need more time to improve like a team. The mentality is to win and to reach the last level.

Spurs have failed to win a trophy in ten years, a situation Pochettino says the club needs to try and change.

“Still we need to improve and still to be a real contender we need to achieve another level [but] still we are not showing that level to be a real contender, that is my opinion.

“The club is not focused completely on winning titles. Today we spend a lot of energy on many things. One is to win games, but it is not the priority to win games. The club needs to be more focused on winning titles.

“My feeling is the worst feeling. Out of nearly five years of starts to the season, is the worst. But is the best start for the club ever in the Premier League.

“This season my feeling is the worst, I don’t know why, it is so difficult to explain, because the circumstance because many things happened, disappointed because we are still waiting for the new stadium and the expectation was to be there.

“My feeling is not the best feeling. I had a better feeling in pre-season.”

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