Make Your Breasts Your Best Friend

Make Your Breasts Your Best Friend


Ilori Titilayo

For the good of our health and of course for the appearance of our upper curves, it is important to lavish special care and attention on the breast area.

It is a sensitive subject for many reasons, from issues of size to the thought of cancer. It may sound a little strange, but gaining familiarity with your breasts will have an all-round, positive effect.

Learn not only how to make them look great but for your well being, be your own breasts’ best friend by being aware of any changes

How to get better breasts

1. First, spend time on the condition of your skin, introduce gentle massage of special oils and lotions into your regimen.

This will increase blood flow to neglected areas, therapeutic massage from your own hands soften skin texture, and improves the appearance.

Try Vitamin E oil, E45 or nourishing cocoa butter to moisturize and to minimize unsighted stretch marks.

2. The sun and smoking pose specific health hazards to the breasts, resist the temptation to sunbathe topless. UV radiation causes damage from premature ageing and increases the risk of harmful free radicals in the body

Excessive alcohol consumption can also act to ‘deaden’ the appearance of breast skin. Don’t forget to increase your water intake.

3. For breasts and overall health, eat more vegetables and phytoestrogen-rich foods.

4. Think cosmetic tricks, when wearing a strapless top draw attention to the cleavage with a light brush of bronzing powder or light shimmer duct depending on skin tone.

5. Size matters, not as much as you may think. Forget fake looking boob job, your own breast size can be naturally enhanced with some savvy exercise moves.

Bust exercise options

Swimming: is a good option as the ‘water is chest supporting’ and the aptly tilted breaststroke is perfect for pectorals.

Belly Dancing: is a great figure affirming bust firming dance form, whatever shape you’re in, some exotic moves work as bust enhancements, you should try it.

Press ups: learn to do press-ups properly in plank position, hands equally apart and under the shoulder, legs, and feet together, stomach stuck in.

The prayer method is also a good one, standing feet apart with the elbow out to the side, palms together in front, hold for a count of 5 while Breathing in. You will feel your chest muscles tighten.

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