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How Thunder Struck A Middle Aged Man In Ondo State

How Thunder Struck A Middle Aged Man In Ondo State



How easy it is to throw the phrase ‘Thunder Fire you’ around without a care in the world.

Sadly Thunder literally struck a middle-aged man, Aluko Ramoni to death at Afira Akoko in Ondo State.

This unfortunate accident was last week Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018.

The tragic incident occurred when thunder struck the victim, a woodcutter while he worked in the bush with his friend. His friend also sustained injuries after the accident but survived.

Consequently, the family of the deceased first reported the matter to the police. Then they informed the ‘Sango’ (God of Thunder)  worshippers.

The ‘Sango’ worshippers told the family of the deceased that he must be buried at the spot of the unfortunate accident. This is after performing appropriate sacrifices.

However, the family of late Ramoni disagreed with the decision of the worshippers while insisting he is buried in his own house.

The home of the deceased is at Supare Akoko, Ondo State, where his family is lives.

As you are read this, an agreement has not been concluded on where to bury the victim of this strange and unfortunate accident of death by thunder.