How Mother Of 4 Offered Self For Sex Jamboree



A mother of four, Ramota, surname withheld offered herself up for sex jamboree in Lagos, because of her need for vengeance.

She took that step to intimidate an apprentice who snatched her new lover from her.

Meanwhile, the apprentice did not stop at just snatching her boss’ lover but went ahead to disgrace her at every opportunity.

When Ramota could not stomach the disgrace anymore, she took a drastic approach to deal with the situation.

She implored the service of three miscreants in Ketu, Lagos to deal with her apprentice and her ex-lover mercilessly.

Ramota promised to pay the miscreants in kind after they carried out her violent order.

Satisfied with the way the miscreants beat them blue back, the mother of four offered them free sex as promised.

Those in the know disclosed to Happenings that she engaged in a foursome sex jamboree with all of them.

However, Ramota’s sexcapade came into the light, after the touts boasted to all who cared to listen about the sex orgy.

At this time, it is unclear if the police have intervened in this sordid tale of revenge and sex.

This is a clear case of hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.

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