Pregnant Woman
Pregnant Woman

Incest! As 18-Year-Old Impregnates Mother In Ogun State



This is indeed a sign of the end as 18-year-old Segun impregnated his mother in an act of incest.

The ugly incident occurred at Sango area of Ogun State.

Segun who lived in a one-room apartment raped his mother after taking sex enhancement drugs.

His inability to control himself forced him to rape his mother who single-handedly brought him up to be a man.

It was revealed that Segun’s mother gave birth to him when she was in JSS 2 after her NYSC lover denied the pregnancy.

The effect of single parenthood is affecting Segun’s upbringing and this is telling on his lifestyle.

However, after the rape, Segun’s mother kept it a secret and took drugs to protect herself from the shame.

Surprisingly, the unexpected happened and she fell pregnant by her son. Clearly, the incestuous rape is the cause of her unwanted pregnancy.

Segun’s mother has since gone into hiding, she is bowled over in shame since news of her pregnancy became public.

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