Things To Do Immediately You Cheat On Your Spouse

Things To Do Immediately You Cheat On Your Spouse


Ilori Titilayo

It hurts so bad when you find out that your spouse, whom you trust so much has been cheating or has cheated on you.

There might be reasons for what he/she has done, but there are no excuses. You’ve broken your promises and invalidated your contract

Things you should say:

1. Your partner will get angry if you try to justify your actions, try as much as possible not to make excuses. Your focus should be on how to heal your relationship and save your marriage.

2. You have to end the affair, no matter how much pain you feel, you need to be willing to do the hard things, clearly and without any doubt.

Although it might be very hard for you too, you will have to tolerate a lot of horrible feelings it just going to be for sometime before you get over it.

3. When you cheat on your spouse, your apology will turn on deaf ears, It might not be accepted the first dozen times, but do it, anyway. Tell your partner how sorry you are, and avoid making excuses

Furthermore, tell him/her you want to mend your relationship and you’ll do anything to accomplish that, no matter how your partner responds, stick to this message and only this message

4. Accept the fact that what you did is shameful, and be determined not to do it again. After you are sure your spouse is back to shape.

Sit down and trash out the issue you are having that might have caused the infidelity

5. when you are hurt, you have to think of your partner at this point he/she might not be in the right shape of mind. One moment he or she is out of it, the next moment it is the opposite.

Your partner’s world has been turned upside down and he/she is trying to find their own safe harbor. Have it in mind that it will pass, and you’ll be back on the path of healing

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