Easy Way To Prepare Ogbono Soup

Easy Way To Prepare Ogbono Soup


Ilori Titilayo

Ogbono soup is mostly eaten by the Igbos, but because it is delicious and easy to prepare it is eaten in most homes.


Ogbono (African Mango Seeds) make sure it’s blended

Palm oil



Maggie cubes

Dried red bell pepper, or chilli pepper

Crayfish (make sure it’s blended)

Meat or fish

Spinach or bitter leaves (chopped)

How to prepare:

Put water in a pot, and add your ground ogbono, stir  until it becomes thick and stretchy, add your Maggi, salt to taste, pepper, and your crayfish.

Cut your bitter leaf or spinach, wash it and put inside your pot of boiling ogbono, don’t forget to add your palm oil.

Boil your meat  in another pot and when you sure it’s boiled put gradually inside the ogbono alongside your fish.

Stir together and leave it to boil, make sure you don’t cover the pot. You can eat ogbono with fufu, Garri, or pounded yam.

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