How To Prepare Bitter leaf soup (ONUGBU)

How To Prepare Bitter leaf soup (ONUGBU)


Ilori Titilayo

Bitter leaf soup is prepared with the freshly washed leaves of the evergreen plant called Vernonia amygdaline. It is popularly eaten by the Igbo speaking people of Eastern Nigeria. Accompanied by eba, fufu, semo etc, it is a local Nigerian delicacy.


Bitter leaf

Cocoyam (thickener)

Crayfish (grounded)

Dried fish, fresh meat,




Palm oil



How to prepare:

Wash bitter leaf for about 15 to 20minutes with water, taste to ensure the bitter taste has been removed.

Peel and boil the cocoyam for 20minutes till it is soft, strain the cocoyam and pound in a mortar, add palm oil in measured quantities and pound till it forms a paste.

Wash stockfish with hot water and wash beef properly, season beef, dried fish, stockfish and boil together for at least 20minutes until it becomes tender.

Add water periodically to ensure you have enough meat stock, add cocoyam paste in measured quantities to the pot of meat and fish, add pepper.

Allow to simmer for 15minutes, keep stirring as you add cocoyam paste till you have the desired thickness add salt to taste and stir properly. Serve with pounded yam or hot Eba(garri).

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