Best Food For Breastfeeding Mothers

Best Food For Breastfeeding Mothers


Ilori Titilayo

When it comes to breastfeeding your little one, you must be careful with what you eat, this is because anything you eat during this phase affects the quality of breast milk and it has a huge effect on your baby’s health.

Below is a list of healthy food a breastfeeding mother must eat

1. Salmon

Is good for breastfeeding mothers, just like any other healthy fatty fish.

It is loaded with essential DHA fat and nutrients which is important for the development of your baby’s nervous system.

Although salmon has very low levels of mercury compared to other fish, it is still recommended to limit it to at least 2 main servings per week to avoid exposing your baby to mercury.

Yes, the beast milk naturally contains DHA, but a DHA-rich diet further enhances the nutritional quality of the milk that is beneficial for your baby.


Provide you with the necessary energy, but you must be careful with the way you eat it, in order avoid gainining extra fat.

Brown rice is better instead, it provides your body the essential carbohydrates and energy, at the same time improve the quality of the breast milk

3. Eggs

are also enough to meet your daily intake of proteins, the DHA-fortified eggs give the much-needed boost of essential fatty acid to your breast milk, either scrambled or boiled is fine.

4. Water

breastfeeding mother easily becomes dehydrated, and this could result in the poor production of milk and slow down and energy levels. So, it is very important to stay well hydrated throughout the day.

5. Milk

contains a great amount of calcium and also gives a boost of vitamin D that strengthens your bones.

Milk products also contain protein and vitamin B, which are beneficial for you and your baby.

6. Legumes

are rich in iron and a rich source of high-quality none animal protein that enhances the quality of your breast milk.

Especially the dark-colored variants like the black beans and kidney beans. If you are a vegetarian looking for a high-protein source, then legumes are good for you.

7. Oranges

provide you with the necessary energy and also keep you well-hydrated apart from your regular water intake. You can also take oranges in form of juices

Nursing mothers need a healthy intake of vitamin C to get that extra boost of energy.

8. Green leafy vegetables

like spinach or broccoli are enriched with vitamin A, C and iron, and a good amount of calcium.

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