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Secrets On How To Make Your Marriage Last

Secrets On How To Make Your Marriage Last


Ilori Titilayo

Most people assume that because they are married to their longtime lover, the marriage will last forever. But that dream of eternal marital bliss is not as easy to achieve as it may seem.

There are so many things involved, for you to live happily ever after, when you must have made sacrifices.

I am sure you’re wondering how some couples around you have lived together happily, while your marriage is far from bliss.

Read these secrets on how to make your marriage last.

1. The first thing that couples should learn to do, is to iron out their differences. Not having a conversation will only cause more problems. Thus the only way to resolve conflict is through conversation.

Although you both may fight in between, that’s quite normal and you will get over it. It is better than leaving unresolved issues festering and growing in the dark.

2. Another secret of how to make a marriage last is that people in happy marriages place a great deal of importance on the marriage itself.

You must make an effort to care for your marriage, even when things get tough between you and your partner.

Both of you must understand that there will be ups and downs in a relationship, so you must make the marriage itself a priority.

3. Another way to make your marriage work is being able to balance things up, there must be time to be serious and time to play.

Although there will be periods when the time is limited and priorities will change, people in marriages that work make sure they leave time for each other.

The kids and pressure of work may make that difficult sometimes, but as couples you need to find an hour or two each day to have fun.

4. Respect is a key factor in a long-lasting relationship, couples must learn to regard each other as human beings. Also have consideration for each other’s wishes, dreams, and who your partner’ personality.

5. Most marriages are sick and this sickness is caused by ignorance. It’s important in a marriage not to ignore warning signs that things are not quite as they should be.

Don’t take things for granted, you must act when things are not right and make amends before the situation gets out of hand

6. Don’t say because you want to spend time together, you will be home with each other 24 hours a week.

You must have your own hobbies and pastimes, your own circle of friends that you can take short vacations with, sans your partner. And you must trust each other enough to be apart sometimes.

7. Understand both parts are equal, there is no boss in marriage just two equal partners.

Don’t say her opinion doesn’t matter as a woman, you must also respect each other’s opinions, even if you don’t always agree with them.

8. In order to keep a marriage healthy, both partners need to be there for each other when the chips are down.

Your wedding vows must mean something, because, in real life, things go wrong and are not always perfect.

9. Happily married couples focus on what is good about the marriage and they don’t keep score of what is wrong. It’s easy to find fault with someone that you have lived with for a long time.

But those that stay married are those who keep in mind all of the things they have gained from the marriage.

10. Always have it in mind that change is constant. People have to accept change and learn to grow with it, in a long-term relationship.

If you want your marriage to last, you will need to work together to make it work. And you will become stronger as a team, as the world slowly changes around you.