Read More On How To Make Banga Soup

Read More On How To Make Banga Soup


Ilori Titilayo

Banga is a soup made from the sauce squeezed from palm fruit(Elaeis guineensis)and it is incredibly rich in nutrients.


Assorted parts of meat


Bushmeat (washed)

Oil-palm nuts

Blended crayfish


Blended melon

Chili pepper

1 onion(sliced)

Salt to taste


Put the washed meat in a large pot, add a drop of water or stock; season with salt and ground pepper and boil for 30 minutes or until tender.

Add the smoked fish and stockfish and cook for another 10minutes, prepare to extract the oil from the palm nut by boiling the washed nut for 20 minutes until soft.

Remove it from the boiling water and pound to remove the oil, sieve and separate the kernels from the chaff.

Pour the strained pulp into the meat, also the sliced pepper, onions tomatoes puree, and ground melon. Sprinkle the crayfish and cook for 15 minutes until the soup is thick and fairly reduced .

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