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How to Wash Your Face to Achieve Clear Skin

How to Wash Your Face to Achieve Clear Skin


Ilori Titilayo

Washing our face is important, and it is a simple process. However, it is interesting to note that most people make mistakes when washing their faces.

Your face requires proper cleaning if you want to keep your skin healthy and clear.

While most women wash their faces daily, they still end up with acne and spots.

Thus, the question is, are you washing your face the right way?

1. Do not use hot water to wash your face, it is not good for your skin. Lukewarm water is best for cleaning the face.

2. It is advisable to wash your face before bed, this helps the face remove dirt and oil, hence leaving it clean. Oils and sweat accumulate on the face, so washing your face keeps it clean and clear.

3. It is also important to wash your face in the morning, the face tends to accumulate dirt overnight. Cleaning keeps it looking fresh and more attractive than ever. Clean your face before leaving your house.

4. Never use a face cleanser to remove makeup, if you want to remove your makeup, it is best to either use wipes or water.