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Benefits Of Tomatoes Juice For Your Face And Hair

Benefits Of Tomatoes Juice For Your Face And Hair


Ilori Titilayo

Tomatoes are mainly used in cooking meals, these berries belong to the nightshade family.

Tomatoes can also be used for other things apart from cooking

1. Tomatoes can be used to smoothen skin. Apply a fresh tomato juice on your face and leave it for 30 minutes before washing it.

Better still, you can make a paste of tomato and apply it on your face.

For better results, do this daily in one week continuously.

2. It is a good remedy for smelly armpits, this can be terrible especially when you are in a public place.

It makes you feel ashamed and uncomfortable.

Just cut a fresh tomato and apply the juice on your armpits leave it for few minutes and wash it away.

3. When it comes to having a healthy  and natural hair, tomatoes are the answer.

Obtain the tomato juice and apply it on your hair aiming at the scalp.

Tomatoes help your hair get rid of dandruff, enhances strong hair growth and helps in dry hair.

4. Tomatoes serve as a  sunburn reliever, just apply a tomato juice on the area affected with a sunburn, it will heal instantly.

People who eat tomatoes regularly are less likely to be affected by sunburns.

5. Tomato can heal a sore, if you have a sore or a boil, add some drops of tomato juice onto it.

Do it twice a day and the juice will dry the boil.

6. It serves as a lightening agent, it is better to use natural products than using a chemical to lighten up your skin.

Get a fresh tomato and obtain the juice from it.

Add the juice to your bathing water daily for a period of one month and people will notice a change in your skin.