Reasons You Are Not Sleeping Better at Night

Reasons You Are Not Sleeping Better at Night


Ilori Titilayo

Sleeplessness may be caused by different reasons, not limited to excess coffee before bed.

There are about 88 sleep disorders and most people ignore them without realizing how important and paramount it is to the health.  Thus, it is very important to take lack of sleep seriously.

Reasons for the lack of sleep are as follows:

1. Most people take alcohol in other to fall asleep, yes it might work initially but trust me, it will disrupt your sleep later on.

2. Try as much as possible not to take caffeinated drinks after lunchtime, because it can stay in your system till late at night. According to research people who rely on caffeine throughout the day hardly get enough sleep.

3. Another thing is if you have problems with your mattress and pillow, this can determine how you sleep at night.

Therefore,  it is advisable to get a comfortable mattress because it actually makes a difference. Make sure you are optimizing your sleep in all possible ways because sleeping well means you will wake up rested and prepared for the day.

4. Most of the time the problem of your lack of sleep might not be your mattress, it might just be a poor sleeping environment.

The environment of your room really matters; you should think of your bedroom as a “sleep sanctuary,” without exercise equipment or clutter. Try painting your bedroom walls with a soothing colour and limit light at night.

5. They are some undiagnosed sleep disorder, but
Keeping a tap can be very helpful to find out the cause if you have disrupted sleep. You should write down your quality of sleep every morning, you can also use a sleep tracker to follow your progress for about two weeks.

While these are not a guarantee you will sleep well, it is a step in the right direction to combatting sleeplessness.

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