How To Make Labour Pains Bearable

How To Make Labour Pains Bearable


Ilori Titilayo

It is normal to feel scared during labour. The thought of labour pains can give you goose bumps.

But there are ways you can reduce the pain before the delivery time. Here are simple ways to make labour pains bearable.

1. Kegels exercises help; women who do this deliver with ease. These exercises help in strengthening the muscles you will require to push the baby. And the exercise can be done at any stage of your pregnancy till you give birth.

2. Exercise like walking, riding and jogging among others, help with labour pains. It is advisable for pregnant women to undertake cardio exercise if they want to ease pains during childbirth.

Women who undertake these exercise find it very easy to push the baby out. These exercises increase the circulation of blood to different part of the body as well as promote the release of endorphins needed for less painful birth in the long run.

3. If it is your first baby, or your second, regular sex will make your body associate the contracting of the uterus during labour, to the pleasure you feel when getting an orgasm

Regular sex with your partner could ease labour pains when the time for delivery comes. Women can have sex up until the later stages of pregnancy to reduce Labour pain.

Sex has been proven to trigger pain-relieving chemicals in your body hence making it easy to deliver.

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