How To Make Banana and Watermelon Smoothie

How To Make Banana and Watermelon Smoothie


Ilori Titilayo

Banana and watermelon are light and refreshing dessert.

They both have a wonderful aroma and a unique taste, due to its nutritional value.

The drink can complement your meal or even replace your snack. So, if you want to give it a try read this recipe


Watermelon pulp without seeds


Lemon juice

Ice cubes

Honey or sugar;

Mint leaves for decoration.

How to prepare

Slice watermelon, and put it in a blender, whip it to get watermelon juice. After peeling the banana, Slice it, then add it to watermelon juice.

Blend all ingredients in a blender together. After that add your lemon juice. And f you want to make your dessert even sweeter add honey or sugar (for your own taste).

Mix everything together, to freshen and decorate your drink use a mint sprig. For cooling, it adds ice cubes.

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