Read Why You Should Stay Away From These Five Nuts

Read Why You Should Stay Away From These Five Nuts


Ilori Titilayo

Am sure you are wondering why some nut is not good for your health, well I agree with you that nuts are great snacks loved by many.

But despite their delicious taste, some nuts are not good for your health. Here are some nuts you need to stop eating.

1. To avoid the metallic, bitter or rancid taste avoid the pine nut.

The pine nut syndrome makes these nuts worth handling with care.

2. Horse chestnuts are intoxicated and can cause vomiting or even paralysis if taken in excess.

Chestnuts are good for your health. However, make sure that you never consume horse chestnuts.

3. Macadamia nuts contain excess calories, so for those on diet macadamia nuts should not be part of your diet.

4. Bitter almonds have cyanide, It is advised not to consume raw bitter almonds

but if it is well prepared the cyanide will be less, the hydrocyanic acid in them is eliminated through heating. And can be used for flovouring cake, meals etc.

5. Peanuts, If you plan to eat other foods rich in calories, avoid peanuts. Additionally, they can be contaminated with aflatoxins.,

A single serving has excess calories besides it having some vitamins and nutrients.

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