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Little Secrets He Never Dares To Let You Know

Little Secrets He Never Dares To Let You Know


Ilori Titilayo

You must realize that men will always be men and they still keep some tiny winy secrets from you but don’t worry, it’s nothing to be worried about at all.

Just to feed your curious mind, here are some things your man won’t tell you.

Hey, just for fun!

1. He hates waiting for you: he hates waiting for too long, you can be 10 to 15 minutes late and that’s fine, but when it’s taking you hours to show up, you better expect that he will be mad at you.

However, most guys, especially if it’s a new relationship, will remain sweet and won’t let you know they’re smoking angry about your tardiness.

2. He still has crushes:  yes and that would include celebrities, that girl next door or probably someone you know well.

Guys can get pretty careful not to blurt this out loud when you’re around, that doesn’t mean you get suspicious to every single female he happens to be talking to.

3. He wants you to get a little aggressive in bed: some men love their woman to be a little adventurous and naughty in bed too and yes, they’re dying to have you initiate the first move one of these days.

Why do you think some married men who have beautiful and good wives still go ahead to have affairs with women who are not as beautiful, as their wives?

Funny thing is that those men will never tell their wives how they want it in bed, its one big turn on and we all know that guys feel the luckiest when they feel pretty satisfied and in love with their babies after sex.

4. He still thinks and checks out other girls:  guys are pretty sharp when it comes to sexy ladies, they can sight a beautiful and sexy lady from miles.

Feasting their eyes to the grandeur of beauty, but you shouldn’t fret, its anything personal. They are just notorious in spotting sexy ladies, but you will always be number one, believe me.

5. He wants to hang out with his friends without you: guys need some alone time sometimes and they may not tell it to you flat out.

He may give you the excuse that he is hooked up with office jobs but truly, he is out there hanging out with his friends.

Loosen up a little and let him know you’re cool and that you trust him. Chances are, if he even takes you to an all guys night out with him, sure you won’t enjoy it.

6. If he is having an affair he will hide it: men will never admit to an affair unless you catch them red-handed. It could be a casual affair, just a one night stand, or something far more serious.

He will be hiding his cell phone and may be cheating on you, he knows this affair will be unacceptable to you and that means he will have to choose between you and the other women. He obviously does not want to do this.