Read On How To Dress For An Interview


Ilori Titilayo

When going for an interview there’s also the anxiety of figuring out what to wear. The most important thing is that you must not be too dressed up or dressed down

But the following tips provide a basic guideline for how to proceed. These tips will help you tackle those interviews with confidence

1. Cleanliness is next to employability: clean and pressed clothes are important, of course, but here are some other key areas to remember.

Wear a well-polished shoe, clean groomed hair and fingernails, well-brushed teeth, fresh breath, and absolutely nobody odour

2.  Opt for a conservative look, not an outlandish one: whether you’re trying for a top executive position or a job that will require you to roll up your sleeves, attire that is distracting is a no-no.

In most cases, it makes sense to choose simple, understated styles and colour blue and grey for example.

Black also could work, so long as you won’t be mistaken for an undertaker or johnny cash wannabe. Just joking, anyways to avoid that fate, soften up your look by wearing another colour near your face.

3. Accessorize with great care: when it comes to the accessory you must be careful not to overdo it

This isn’t the time to go with wild nail polish, big jewelry, face jewelry, ankle bracelets, strong perfume or colognes, brightly coloured, printed purses or briefcases.

All of your accessories should be understated, professional, this is the time to make sure your appearance does not distract in any way from all the good information you have to share about yourself.

4. Stay up to date:  for men, suit and tie pattern can look outdated if they’ve been hanging in your closet for several years

Big and baggy style suits are no longer in vogue, neither are undersized suits or shirts

The same goes for women ‘s suits and dress shirt patterns, to find out whether you’re looking for a little bit to 1996, ask a trusted friend to help you assess your professional wardrobe.

5. Don’t wear these items: short and tight skirts, capri pants, leggings, leather jackets for men or women, or turtlenecks for men.

Men should wear collared shirts for a job interview and in almost every situation, a tie won’t hurt you

6. Set aside enough time to check out your look: before you walk into the actual job interview, slip into the restroom and look in the mirror too check your look.

Check if you have food in your teeth, is your hair standing straight up? If not you’re good to go

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