The late Sakaba
The late Sakaba

How Colonel Sakaba Lost His Life Among The 100 Slain Nigerian Soldiers



Lieutenant Colonel Sakaba is dead. No fewer than 100 soldiers on Monday, November 19, 2018, lost their lives in Borno State.

Sakaba was among the 100 slain Nigerian Soldiers who died in the recent Boko Haram attack.

Sakaba’s gruesome’s death seems to be the most pathetic of the lot.

Late Sakaba’ wife and son

The promising soldier aside losing a younger brother to the insurgency group two years ago in Maiduguri, had earlier lost his first wife and a son to the terrorist group.

The late gallant soldier is survived by a second wife and a son.

The household of the slain soldier is still in grief and sorrow over the painful end of Sakaba in the Nigerian Army.

“The late soldier whose unfulfilled dream of attaining the position of a Major General in the Nigerian Army has just been cut short”. a family source said.

Sakaba with the second son

The attack according to informed sources is as a result of inadequate weapons and ammunition.

Before now, the Nigerian Military Forces claimed to have defeated Boko Haram.

However, in the recent months, the militants have been waging war on military bases, inflicting loss and mayhem on military men at the border and base.

The killings became worrisome to many Nigerians, with President Buhari still in shock at the attacks.

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