Tips On How To Maintain A Bleached Teeth

Tips On How To Maintain A Bleached Teeth


Ilori Titilayo

Teeth discoloration can get in the way of your happiness, Imagine you sitting with your friends, and someone says something funny, others are laughing and you just can’t, because of your coloured teeth.

People rate smiles and teeth as the second most important attractive feature, as well all know that teeth whitening has become a popular trend.

Let’s talk about how you can maintain bleached teeth from becoming discolored

1. Smoking is another cause of staining, so it is best to kick the habit or limit your smoking for at least 3 days after the whitening procedure otherwise, you will end up staining your teeth once again.

2. It is important to rinse your mouth with water after consuming foods and drinks which might stain your teeth.

3.  You should avoid or limit your consumption of foods and beverages with dark pigments and high staining potential, like coffee, tea, wine, hard candy, and berries.

You must keep your mouth clean, healthy, and free of stains.

4. Just because your teeth are white now, does not mean you shouldn’t brush your teeth or flossing.

5. To maintain a healthy mouth after the bleaching, it is important to visit the dentist regularly so they can check the status of your whitened teeth.

If there are any signs of stains on your teeth, your dentist or the dental hygienist can remove stains through professional cleaning.

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