Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate From Your Man

Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate From Your Man


Ilori Titilayo

We know that no man is perfect. However, this does not mean you should fall for anything he says.

If your man is the type that says good morning, and you need to open the door to confirm if he is right. Then there is a problem.

There are some attitudes that shouldn’t be tolerated in a relationship, no matter how much you love him.

Women should never tolerate men with these habits:

1. Not putting you first:  You should always be his priority, if he does not put you first, it means he does not value your love.

2.  Uncontrollable Anger: When a man is angry he can be compared to a boy, anger is not good for your love life.

A man should learn to tolerate the people around him and should be able to control his anger.

3. Lies:  You cannot thrive on lies forever, lies break a strong relationship. Avoid a man who is ever lying, such a man can never be trusted no matter what. When he keeps lying, it means he does not care.

4. Unnecessary argument: It is normal to argue in a relationship, it is part of life. However, a man who always wants to win in all arguments is not the right one for you.

At times, the man should allow you to win too and let it go.

5. Excuses:  A real man does not give unnecessary excuses, too many excuses can kill the love. A man needs to be real and stick to his word. He must also be consistent, being inconsistent in the relationship will breed resentment in the long run.

6. Not keeping to his promise:  A good man keeps his promises, his word is his bond, he does not change his mind. A man who does not stand by his words or keep to his promises can’t be trusted.

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