Check out Lovely Ankara Styles For Your  Princess

Check out Lovely Ankara Styles For Your Princess


Ilori Titilayo

When it comes to choosing a lovely style with African print (Ankara) your princess shouldn’t be left out.

I know it might be difficult at times choosing a style for your daughter. Not to worry that 2 yards you have been using to sew excess headgear will sew a beautiful style for your princess.

Check out pictures below:

This style is simple and classy, it’s a long sleeveless dress. With a round neck and an opening at the back and a big ribbon to give it a beautiful look.

This is a short dress, yes you can say its an halter neck with two strips giving the back a good balance. Just like that your ‘mini you’ can look good in ankara prints.

This is a short dress with a cord on the waist and the neck. And a white lacy material as sleeves. Your princess shouldnt wear boring clothes.

This a short gown with a C back cut, combined with a bridal satin or a doll face material. And a big ribbon right behind. If you wish, you can add a bridal net under the dress to make to make the hem bigger.

This dress is simple and free, it is a sleeveless gown with a round neck. If you wish you can use a tiny belt on the waist, to give it a nice fit.

This is a  free gown, with a long sleeve hand and a big bow. Nothing will look more adorable than the dress above.

This is s short dress with a round neck and a billowy hand, it is simple and classy.

This is a simple gown, mixed with a pink lace on both hands.

Who says this style is meant for adults only? This is a gorgeous off-shoulder cape gown. With a stretchy waist, it will look beautiful on your princess.

This is a combination of different Ankara materials. It looks beautiful on children, you can try making a skirt or a dress for her.

This is a beautiful Ankara pinafore and she can wear it with any colour of shirt or top underneath.

Check out more Ankara styles below:

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